Why the Hate?

Why do y’all hate so freely and love so begrudgingly? Is it so much harder to love than it is to hate? Is it as Master Yoda said, that fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hate?  I’ve had occasion to dip into a comments section or two, and there is nothing but hate! People talking about the election cycle do nothing but espouse hate and vitriol. Why does the personal life of anyone matter? If you found out your doctor had a shitty personal life, would you seek out someone else? Would you–do you–raise your kids to practice hate? The conservatives hate Trump. The liberals hate Clinton. The Bible Belt Christians actively hate the Muslims. The extremist Muslims hate Americans. It may be a naïve question, but why can’t we seem to get along? If a people come to your city or neighborhood, why would you hate them instead of welcoming them? If you go to a neighborhood with your people, why wouldn’t you try to ingratiate yourself with the locals? 

The culture of Hate in this world isn’t acceptable. In this era or unprecedented connectivity, we can’t survive on hate. We as a global culture will fail if future generations continue to follow our example. As a hairy man riddled with tattoos and piercings, I get a lot of looks and grief from the old church folks I used to lead as a music minister. At the same time, I know practically militant atheists who take every single opportunity to attack Christians’ beliefs. Why can’t we just live in harmony? Is it that difficult? The most hateful little man I’ve ever encountered alternates between posting about how great his church is and rallying his friends to actively hate every non-Protestant southerner in the world. Sunday morning, God is good! Monday morning, Send all the mooslims back to Africa!! Of Faith, Hope, and Love, which of those leads to hate?

It’s a simple concept: live and let live. Help when you can, encourage when you can, remain silent when necessary. Have peace in your hearts.